Cooper’s birthday

It has been quite some time since Iast blogged. I used to do this regularly, now I don’t. Perhaps I will again sometime, likely when I don’t have a toddler.

Which might be soon. Cooper just turned two years old. People are calling him a preschooler. I just got used to toddlerhood, but on he goes.

I am officially now more excited about his birthdays than I am about my own. With good reason mind you. Riding miniature railways, chasing ducks in the park, and being followed by a flock of doting grandparents are pretty fun experiences to take part in, let alone the present opening and cake eating. It was serious, non stop, 100% fun for him from start to finish, which is what my personal goal was for today.

I can’t wait to spend a few hours on the floor with him figuring out his train with him. After that, I look forward to blogging about all the other great stuff we’ve been up to. First though, I really need to get some sleep.

2 thoughts on “Cooper’s birthday

  1. AIEEEE!  He is growing so, so fast.  I’m glad to read that you had such a great day together, and look forward to hearing all about everything else in the land of my favourite Lathrop-Thompsons.


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