Countdown is on

Julie is back in the hospital, and has been since last Tuesday. She was there a few nights the week before, too.

She’s actually feeling fine, for someone who is nearing full term pregnancy, and nothing seems overtly wrong. Her blood pressure is higher than they’d like, however, and they want to keep her under observation at the hospital in case anything were to develop.

But, so far it hasn’t. So, the plan is currently to induce Wednesdayish, to time the birth for the 38 week mark, which for us is Thursday.

It’s crazy to have something so big sitting there in my calendar with all my other reminders for events that seem so insignificant by comparison. I’d imagine this is how an astronaut feels the week before launch. My whole life is leading up to that liftoff moment, but in the meantime I need to figure out what’s for dinner.

Anyhoo, just wanted to let everyone know where we are at in these crazy scary awesome cool hard fun times!

6 thoughts on “Countdown is on

  1. Wow!!! The countdown officially begins!

    Thinking about you both…I mean, all three of you! Please tell Julie that I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to call, but will do so as soon as I’m able. Lots of love!

  2. Woo-hoo!!  You’re going to have a baby this week….isn’t that WILD?  Your life will never be the same….it’s pretty darn amazing.  Tell that little guy we said “hey” & CANNOT wait to meet him.  smile

    Love you all.  xx’s & oo’s
    your cousins

    P.S.  I just got major goose bumps & teary-eyed!

  3. Well, here it is….the day of liftoff, launching you and Julie(and baby boy)into strange new worlds. Boldly, you will go where many, many others have gone before. But it will be an utterly unique experience.I hope sweet,little one will have nice strong lungs,  and that Julie will have nice, strong contractions. No worry of that with an induction! Remember Julie, you have equal strength to match the strongest of contractions so face your labour, smile at it, and boldly say, “Bring it!”
    Love you both sooooo much!

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