Father’s Day


So here it is, my first Father’s day as a father.

It was grand! Pancakes for breakfast! A long, loud screaming, failed attempt at a nap! A trip to the museum! Chinese food for dinner! Blog writing whilst chocolate cookies bake right now! Could life be finer? Well, reading that agenda you could probably identify exactly what would make the day finer, but that’s the new life I lead. Gratefully, I might add.

And I am grateful. I love that littly guy. The time I spend with my family is the most important time for me these days. Today is Father’s day. It’s the day of all days to appreciate that. So I’ve been thinking about fatherhood, and that’s had me thinking about my father.

My brother and I know my dad like no-one else in this world does. We know him as a father. In fact, I know that Mr. Lathrop in ways that he doesn’t know himself. I’ve been watching how he does things carefully for the last 36 years. Sounds weird, as I write it, but it’s true. I’m his son. I can’t help it. It’s what I am meant to do. In case you’re reading this, Dad, and I know you are, I think you have done and are doing a great job. Happy Father’s day!

Now I’ve got a son. Know what? I am on to him. He is watching my every move. I can already tell, he knows me in ways I don’t know myself. Like I said, though, I am on to him. I get to know him, too, as my son. That’s something new that I now I have in common with my Dad, I know what it’s like to have a kid. It’s a trip. It’s big to think about. It makes me feel like part of a bigger chain of parents and children in time. I’ve got a new place on that chain, and it isn’t at the end anymore – there’s a link on both sides now.

Big stuff to think about, but I need to stop writing now and answer the cookies that are calling me. I am indeed a very lucky man.

1 thought on “Father’s Day

  1. I am so happy that you are now a Father, and are delighting so much in your love for little Cooper. You have the gift of being a top-notch Family Man, and there is nothing much better than that.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, and here’s to many more Happy Father’s Days for both of us.

    Much Love,


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