Flash Doodle

Flash rocks. I did this little doodler app (posted here on my blog) in about 45 minutes with 17 lines of code. Just click and drag in the white box to draw pretty picture. It isn’t saved anywhere, so don’t get too attached to your masterpiece. Hit your browser’s refresh button to get back to a clean slate.

Work has been very busy lately. As a self-employed guy, that is a good thing, but it isn’t always easy to remember that when you are working into the wee hours of the morning, or trapped in an airport having missed your flight, or looking at a calendar with the production schedules of several projects wondering just what it is you have done to yourself.

I’ve also been preparing for a design course I am about to teach, and in doing so have been coming across a lot of material that deals with the creative process. A recurring theme in the literature seems to be that you have to stay inspired to do your job right as a creative professional. One way to do that is to set time aside to play in the muck with the tools you use to do your work on non-work related projects.

With that in mind, I decided to make a very simple drawing program with Flash. It worked! I am now all fired up about accomplishing a bunch of client changes to a project that well, to put it mildly, I wasn’t fired up about before.

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