Grateful – Christmas Concert


I am grateful for the opportunity to see Cooper’s Christmas Concert at his school today. I’d been warned by several other parents that it can be pretty boring sitting through all the other kids performances. I might be more easily entertained than most, but I found that to be completely untrue. I was riveted the whole time. No joke. These kids were rocking harder than the stones. Were they on key and on time? Sometimes, but rarely. Were they giving it their all? 110% YES. Seriously. If a bunch of grade school kids belting out christmas carols with their voices, recorders and ukuleles isn’t nice, what is? AND, I might add, I was super excited to see Cooper super excited to perform. It was awesome.

I am grateful for the popcorn that Julie just made me. Lunches are made. Kids are in bed. the day is done. I am grateful for that, too.

I am grateful for Farley, just because he is Farley, and Farley is awesome. He’s awesome in many ways, but right now I am grateful for his excitement to put on his “fuzzy feet” slippers. Man, it doesn’t take much to make that kid really, really, ecstatically happy sometimes.

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