Gratefulness Day 13

I am grateful for days off work, like today. It’s been a while and I needed one. I couldn’t sleep past 7:30, dagnabbit, but it was nice to know I could have.

I am grateful for my in-laws. My Mother in-law is like the Tasmanian Devil in our house, but to the opposite effect. She comes in, moves randomly about the place like a blurry tornado, but instead of leaving chaos in her wake she leaves order. The place has never been so dang tidy. My only fears about this are:

  1. the before and after difference makes me wonder if I am not functioning well as a grown up;
  2. my kids might be forming unrealistic expectations of what will happen when they have children of their own, and what the next generation Grandparents will do when they come to visit.

I am grateful my kids are in bed and the house is quiet. This teacup is full, and I don’t want to spill any tea in my tidy home.

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