Gratefulness Day 9


I am grateful to Julie. Another late night tonight. It’s a big push toward several concurrent deadlines at work for me. She has a cold. She worked today. She works tomorrow. I just called and the kids were relentlessly screaming in the background. Julie is a champ.

I am grateful for the view out of my office window; especially as it will be changing soon. The company I sublet my office from is changing addresses. For the past few months since moving in I have really enjoyed looking out over the inner harbour, watching planes and ferries and whalewatchers come and go. I am trying to soak it in before I won’t have it anymore.

I am grateful that the sun has just gone behind a tree through said window. The glare on my monitors won’t be so bad. This, I suppose, is the sunny side of staying at work past 8pm (pun fully intended).

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