I am grateful for time spent in the studio today. I was in there for a good long while, and I’ve now finished this painting I’ve titled Salish Sea at Sunset, acrylic on canvas, 60″ x 30″.

I am grateful for words my lads spoke to each other from their bunks tonight when I was putting them down for bed.

Me: Goodnight Cooper, I love you. Good night Farley, I love you.

Cooper: Goodnight Dada, I love you. Goodnight Farley, I love you.


Farley: Cooper, you love me?

Cooper: Well not like [smoochy sound effects] but like, you know, brotherly love.

Farley: I love you too, Cooper.


Farley: Sometimes we don’t love each other on the outside, but we always love each other on the inside.

Made my heart go pitter pat.


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