I am grateful fo Khalsa Day and Vaisakhi. This is a holiday celebrated by Sikhs, and back in the day, when we lived at 60th and Main in Vancouver, it was a big deal in my life. Today marks the first Vaisakhi parade in Victoria in over a century. It was fun – lots of demonstrations, sights and sounds, and tons of really, really good free food. I had the best samosas I’ve ever tasted today. I also am grateful to the gentleman at the temple who asked me if I had any questions. I learned a thing or two that I didn’t know before about the SIkh religion, and it was good to do so with Coop there, listening intently.

I am grateful for a quick round of croquet with my family, including Farley in his pyjamas, right before bedtime.

I am grateful for tomatoes and mayonaisse on toast with black pepper. The sum of those things is so much more than in parts.

I am grateful for an hour of telly before bed with Julie.

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