I am grateful for time my kids get to spend with their cousins.

I am grateful for a walk along Locarno beach chit chatting with my brother in law.

I am grateful for a nap on a living room couch.

I am grateful for the opportunity to celebrate my parents in law’s 50th wedding anniversary, and to be with them in their church to see them renew their vows.

I am grateful for the feast thereafter.

And I am grateful for the epic charades game that somehow came out of this experience, where the more devout followers of the Star Wars Franchise acted out their favourite characters, droids, aliens, spaceships, and military hardware while everyone else guessed who or what it was. We’re all surprisingly good at it. Salacious Crumb from episode V, for example, or the eyeball monster in the trash compactor from episode IV, we’re each guessed within 40 seconds, I’d say.

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