I am grateful for a whole heckuva lot of time at the studio today.

I am grateful for time spent with my lads tonight. We went out for pizza, then squared away some costume issues. Coop whittled away at a sword he’s carving from a piece of scrap lumber. With his martial arts get up and some cleverly googled use of a white T-shirt, we created Farl a fine ninja costume.

I am grateful to watch those kids grow up, and do all the stuff they do. Coop’s getting into theatre, and he’s going after Cub badges, and he’s reading like a fiend. Farl is always finding new ways to entertain himself with lego, and if he finds a new art supply around, like some canvas panels I threw in the art cart a few weeks ago, that kid will take it upon himself to set up and paint like there’s no tomorrow. I can so get behind that!

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