I am grateful for some baseball with Farley in the backyard today. Perhaps that kid needs a bat. He was enthused and pleased with the last few feet of handrail I had kicking around that I sawed off for him, but I bet a real bat would work better.

I am grateful for an epic play fight I had with Cooper and Farley in my bed this afternoon, with some pillow fighting thrown in as well. It lasted a good long while. I may have been more grateful for the nap I was planning on if that had worked out, but what can you do?

I am grateful for time spent with Julie today, and for a delicious supper she made. It was some good old fashioned hippie food, what with the brown rice and vegetables and fried tofu; but the saucy goodness she whipped up was divine.

I am grateful for the two final episodes of season 6 of House of Cards. This season, if I am honest, was a bit of a letdown for me, but finding time for 2 episodes back to back tonight felt downright decadent.


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