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I am grateful for arborists, because I sure as heck wouldn’t want to climb that far up in our tree. Another reason I am grateful for arborists: there are no longer giant, dead, heavy, 8″ thick branches poised to fall a good long ways onto somone’s head in our (or a neighbour’s) backyard. A third reason I am grateful for arborists, some of them are nice enough to take a few pictures when they are way the heck up there and email them to you.

I am grateful for inlaws, swooping in from Vancouver to take care of Coop tomorrow, which is great, because my dance card is full, work-wise.

I am grateful for dinner with them at our house tonight. It was a feast, with lots of playing with Nana on the living room floor for my kids, and reading some stories with Pop after that. If that’s not nice, what is?


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