I am grateful for the wherewithal to take care of my own dang website.

I am grateful for crepes with cherry sauce that Julie made this morning. Might have been afternoon. Also: grateful for that kind of morning, or afternoon.

I am grateful for time spent painting while the boys were playing with lego in the living room, while we listened to the first 2 episodes of the original 1978 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio play.

I am grateful for some card displays I was given by the owner of a closing store today (Zydeco on Johnson St., a crazy store where you’d go to buy off the wall T-shirts, greeting cards, or punk gear back in the day, open since 1986). A bit sad to see the store close, but… SCORE!

I am grateful for dinner out with my folks, who have arrived here a good long stay as they have every winter for several years. Nice to be treated to dinner, and it will be great to have them around for the next several weeks.

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