I am grateful for many things today.
I am grateful for time spent with my boys and their grandparents, taking it easy,along coffee while they watched Saturday morning cartoons.

I am grateful for a canoe adventure on the gorge today withy mother in law, Julie and Farley, while Coop was at a birthday party.

I am grateful for that birthday party, which included a bouncy castle, tent with a big spread of food under it, and a sound system that had every dang one of us dancing.

I  grateful for a FANTASTIC fringe play put on by friends I am proud to know. If you are in Victoria and reading this, go see Lieutenant Nun at Mcauley Point tomorrow night. It’s theast show and it’s very, very good.

I am grateful for a fancy pants tapas dinner afterward at Perro Negro. Everything was really good.

I am grateful for the opportunity to go to the play and dinner without regard for my children, who were the wards off mother in law tonight.

I am grateful to be in bed as I write this. That was a full day and I tuckered out!

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