I am grateful for all the mothers in my life, in particular, my own mother, my lovely spouse, and my late grandmothers.

I am grateful that she asked for eggs benedict this morning, because I love making them and eating them too.

I am grateful for time spent with Farley working on a lego set he got for his birthday. It’s a model of a 1968 Mustang that’s intended for 16+ year olds, and he’s 7, but aside from helping him get pieces ready for the next step, he pretty much built that thing on his own.

I am grateful for time spent at Farley’s baseball game today, too. I got to be third base coach. (Anyone who knows me will also know that the idea of my coaching anyone in anything sporty is laughable.) It was a great game, for the first time those guys seemed to be making plays.

I am grateful for a relaxed afternoon at home. I napped while one kid read and one kid played lego quietly nearby. Parenting would be easy if it were like that all the time.

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