I  grateful for a bike commute every morning. The routine goes like this: I put the bike on the back of the car, drive the kids to school and daycare, park the bike near Julie’s work and bike home. It works nicely. I get to have a bike ride and Julie gets to have a walk every morning.

I am grateful for the enjoyment I get from cooking. I’ve never made French onion soup before, but I did today, and I nailed it. That’s not a humblebrag, just a plain old brag. Here’s the thing though, mastery isn’t always easy to come by; but cooking regularly increases the chances.

I am grateful to have had a guest for dinner tonight, a photographer who we originally hired to take photos of our family, and now is a friend we have for dinner every now and again. She’s an AMAZING shooter, and a fine human being. Should you ever need a photographer, ask me for a reference.

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