I am grateful for an early morning to catch the sunrise, first at Trafalgar Park, then at Kitty Islet this morning. I was there with my camera, taking photos for a commission. It’s nice to have the reason to go and be there. Especially in the summertime when it’s so early, there’s nothing like being out there while everyone else is asleep.

I am grateful for time spent building a quick and dirty ping pong table with Coop. I am also grateful for some ping pong with Coop. We improved over the course of the 45 minutes or so that we were at it.

I am grateful for more time with Coop, at Pizza Prima Strada, out for lunch while Farley and Julie were otherwise occupied.

I am grateful for the Harbour Cats Baseball Game the 4 of us took in tonight. We came back from 4 to 2 to 10 to 5 by the end of the game, and then there were fireworks. We walked to the baseball park and then back home. It was a great night, and I am grateful for the thought Julie had to arrange this all as a Father’s Day gift.

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