I am grateful for laundromats. They are just the thing when your washer is in a state of warranty purgatory, and you have a family of 4, and you want to get a week’s worth of laundry washed in an hour or so. Also: grateful for the sun and a clothesline, making the drying part after we take home buckets of clean wet laundry easier.

I am grateful for Coop and Farl, who are helpful assets with all this laundry business.

I am grateful for a bunch of crappy canvases and craft acrylic paint we had around, so we could spend part of the afternoon painting together. In situations like this I try to do something I’m not used to painting so I asked what kind of animal I should paint. “Plankton!” was his reply, so I painted plankton.

I am grateful for dinner together this evening.

I am grateful for time spent with Julie in the hillbilly hot tub this evening.

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