I am grateful for Coop, who was holding his own today at a first aid course we are taking together. It’s intense, and it’s taking place over two 8 hour days, and it isn’t easy for me as a middle aged adult. I’d bet it’d be much tougher inside the head of a kid.

I am grateful for Farley – who told me of this weird thought he had just before I left their bedroom after putting the boys down for bed – a thought of bad penguins, who invade a farm, and of the chickens coming out of the farm, but with all kinds of cool technology, like mini-tanks, and guns. Sounds to me like the makings of a hit arcade game.

I am grateful for a phone conversation with my nephew, Will, who had some questions for me about a linocut I did in 1st year University that is hanging in his bedroom, one I hadn’t seen nor really thought about for many years.

I am grateful for Julie, who took over my meatloaf project this evening so I could fret about other stuff. The meatloaf turned out terrific, IMHO.

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