I am grateful for a soak in the hillbilly hot tub with a few podcasts this morning.

I am grateful for potato pancakes and kelbassa with the lads around brunchtime.

I am grateful for time in the studio this afternoon.

I am grateful for a swim this evening where the lads and I met up with a few of their friends and parents, and for the first time I let the both of them run rampant without helicoptering nearby. That was a first with Farl, although I did watch like a hawk from afar. I did get to see that fella have a fine time with the crowd he found, which was nice.

I am grateful for a new career where I don’t have to feel like I have to have the latest and greatest iPhone. I am also grateful for the low end Android phone I am using to write this now. It’s snappy! I loved my old BlackBerry, but when the screen cracked, I just couldn’t bear the upstream swim to find another relic like it again. This one ain’t so bad though.

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