I am grateful for a day at the hotel.

I am grateful for lunch with my old pal Robert.

I am grateful for kids getting bigger. This morning I set Farley up making pancakes, and left him to go take care of other things with 3 pans on 3 burners on the stove (2 for pancakes, one for sausage). He nailed it all. This evening Coop took off on his own in the mall for an hour while I shopped at the grocery store there. While shopping I saw another parent struggling with her 2 little kids, maybe 2 and 5. They were running around all over the place getting up into every kind of business they could, as kids do, while she apologized for them to everyone around her; unnecessarily at least for me. I remember those days. I miss my little little kids sometimes, but there are many things that are easier now.

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