I am grateful for time spent getting my garagenous zone more workable – decluttering, sorting, trying to make usable and versatile spaces in there to do all the stuff I have to do.

I am grateful for time spent on the couch with Farl watching a show about how the brain works.

I am grateful for the triumphant return of Cooper from Scout Camp. He was in charge of the cooking challenge, and the judges picked his troop’s sloppy joes prepared over an open fire in a big cast iron pot, using his great grandmother’s recipe. Go Coop, go!

I am grateful for bbq maintenance success. We almost bought a new one, but instead invested some time and motivation in replacing a few parts, and that thing is now heating up like a champ and saved us a pretty penny.

I am grateful for steaks prepared on said bbq.

I am grateful for curling this evening.

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