I am grateful for the wherewithal to replace a toilet that developed a crack in the tank last night by 1:30 pm this afternoon. I am grateful for Julie’s help in making that all happen too.

I am grateful for the helpful guy, Dave, at Home Depot who did not look to me when he was answering Julie’s questions, unlike the other guy we’d spoken to this morning, at a different plumbing store.

I am grateful for time spent in the studio. It wasn’t enough, but it was something.

I am grateful for the dinner Julie made us this evening.

I am grateful for time spent with my lads, I had a quick errand to run that took us to the Studio, which is adjacent to a pretty good sledding hill, and they had a ball, and I loved watching them do so.

I am grateful that corrugated cardboard in a plastic garbage bag makes as a good a sled as any I’ve ever seen, and I grew up in Calgary. I’ve seen a number of them in my days!

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