I am grateful for a conversation with a friend and neighbour yesterday that helped me realize that I wanted to know how to work with stained glass. Similarly, I am grateful that a late night google search led me to find and take a one day course in stained glass that happened to be scheduled for today. I am grateful for all the circumstances that led to that. I made an iris suncatcher. It was fun.

I am grateful for social proximity that facilitated all that. It shows me the loss that social distance will create as it becomes a bigger part of our culture in the effort to stop the spread of that dang virus. I see why it’s necessary, but it makes me sad. It helps me see the value in the school concerts and the conversations with other parents after kids activities and other folks at the studio etc. I am grateful for all those things, and Ill miss them if we have to give them up for a while. so it goes.

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