I am grateful for a good amount of time painting and doing other painting related activities this morning.

I am grateful for the delivery of lumber from Lowes. No excuse not to finish that treehouse now.

I am grateful for time spent with my lads, who are rapidly learning that when I offer to make you a sandwich, you’d better say yes, because I only make really good sandwiches. Today it was montreal smoked meat with fried onions.

And in another humblebrag, but still sincere expression of gratitude, I am grateful for the experience that is making Farley my mac and cheese, because there is nothing like seeing that kid enjoy eating the mac and cheese I made him.

I am grateful for both of those lads, who worked together to unload the dishwasher this morning without being asked.

I am grateful for Julie, who works for a living, still, in this mad world. Thank goodness for that. Selling paintings isn’t easy to do right now.

I am grateful for bounty I brought home from the grocery store. Lots of empty shelves there, but we have plenty enough of what we need.

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