I am grateful for a productive day. I dropped off art at a new show for the first time in a while, this time at the Ministry of Health. I’d imagine it’s a busy time for them, so while it’s not open to the public, I am pleased to have my work up there on the 5th floor of 1515 Blanshard.

I am grateful for stuff from my pal and painting photographer, Francis. They are getting rid of a bunch of stuff as they move to a smaller place, not the least of which was an old aluminum extension ladder that’s now been cut down and mounted as the means of entry and egress in the treehouse project.

I am grateful for time spent with Cooper on said treehouse project.

I am grateful for time spent with Farley helping him with schoolwork (though he’s a bit reluctant) and looking for lego pieces for his rocket launchpad (where he really isn’t).

I am grateful for time spent watching telly with Julie tonight.

I am grateful for this whole nomination to post about 10 albums that have been important to me on facebook. It’s been fun to go back and reminisce, and to listen to some of these records, albeit in a digital form, and not an analog LP or cassette tape .

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