I am grateful for time spent painting this morning. It’s been a few days, and that was a few days too many.

I am grateful for phone conversations with my parents and my brother.

I am grateful for a resolution to shoot hoops until Cooper and I each got 100 baskets. That was fun.

I am grateful for the 1963 film, Jason and the Argonauts. I was telling my parents I remembered seeing a movie on TV when I was a kid that featured skeletons that stayed with me, but I couldn’t remember much about it. My dad figured it was that movie, so I googled it, found the whole thing on Youtube, watched it with my kids, and quite enjoyed it. It’s a bit campy, but you really have to admire the stop motion special effects, and the painstaking work it must have taken to composite them with the live action in the combat scenes. If you have an an hour and 45 minutes to kill, and I know many out there do right now, I recommend it.

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