I am grateful for a successful operation on my ankle. It feels pretty good, all things considered, and now that this procedure is behind me, with fingers crossed I am expecting it will get better from here.

I am grateful for the beautiful sandwich Coop made for me, sitting on the table when I came home from the hospital.

I am grateful for my mother in law, who’s stayed until she knew I was okay, and Julie was okay, and the kids were okay, and everything was okay. I feel the profundity of that love and care.

I am grateful for Julie, who has been a trooper through all of this.

I am grateful for time spent programming and tweaking the way things work on my online store. I forgot how much fun it is to program, and now that it’s been relegated to nearly a hobby in my new career, it’s way more enjoyable.

I am grateful for time spent with Farley, who came and snuggled me while I read a chapter of Encyclopedia Brown to him, and for time spent with Coop, when he came to read his book and be quietly nearby for a while this evening, too.

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