I am grateful for my spouse, and for my pal Francis, and for the folks at the Print Lab, all of whom have been doing some running around to ensure that things keep running smoothly in my art biz, which has been good lately. Grateful for that, too.

I am grateful for my kids, who, during this pandemic, are doing a lot more for themselves than they have in the past, and have been enjoying more freedom and authority over themselves as well. They’ve been doing a lot of growing up this last few months. It’s been fun to watch, and in many cases has made the lives of their parents a bit easier.

I am grateful for the digital version of the school talent show that just aired on Zoom earlier this evening. It was all awesome, and Cooper was the MC, and he did a great job.

I am grateful for Julie, who is doing all the things. She is awesome like finding a forgotten $20 bill in the pocket of a jacket you haven’t worn for a while.

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