I am grateful for a fun day building a project. I was making a small shed to store gardening stuff in, under the back stairs.

I am grateful for a fantastic Halloween experience this year. I had no idea what to expect, and feared many people would want to stay clear of the whole affair, but I think the opposite was true. Lots of folks were on their front lawns, in costume, sitting in camp chairs around propane firepits, delivering candy via a tube or pole at a safe distance. Everyone seemed more engaged than usual; I think we’ve all been starved for community, and Halloween has always felt like the most community oriented holiday to me since I’ve had trick or treaters to escort.

I am grateful for Coop’s Mandalorian costume. He started working on it in May, all on his own, following YouTube video tutorials and getting me to help him learn to solder LED lights for it. It turned out great.

I am grateful for time spent with Farley tonight. After he was done with candy acquisition, he seemed even more excited at the prospect of sitting in our front yard for some time with me be our own propane fire. We chitted and chatted, took inventory of his haul and watched and heard the fireworks going off around our neighbourhood. Nice way to spend time with that fella.

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