I am grateful for Christmas morning at my house. Farley was visibly vibrating while opening some of his presents. Cooper was a Christmas morning machine, handing out gifts and unwrapping like crazy. The whole event took about 45 minutes from start to finish, from 7:10 until 7:55 am. It was great.

 I am grateful for the ferry. The kids played with newfound temporary best friends in the play area, Julie attracted a crowd while practicing carols on her ukulele, and I got some introvert time with my nose stuck in my laptop. Not a bad way to travel.

I am grateful for my inlaws. I’m in Vancouver with a big crowd of grandparents to my children, brothers and sisters inlaw, and nieces and nephews. I married into a great family, and I had fun and feel honoured to be connected and a part of it all with them.

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