I am grateful for a request to make eggs Benedict, delivery of ingredients to make eggs Benedict, the making of eggs Benedict, and the consumption of eggs Benedict. Also: sriracha.

I am grateful for some low key moments today. While Farley slept in Nana’s arms and Cooper had some downtime in front of the tv, Julie and I got away so she could do some shopping and I could do some hanging out with my laptop at Starbucks.

I am grateful for the East Van Panto at the York Theatre on commercial drive. It was a very fun and entertains show, and the boys loved it too.

I am grateful to have lived on the Commercial Drive in Vancouver in the 90s. It was a unique time and place to be. I am grateful to have visited it today. Parts look very different, other parts are the same. It was nice to walk around the place I used to call home, and remember how much I loved living there.

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