I am grateful for the awesome photo of Farley from his Daycare. LOOK AT MY KID. HE IS CUSSIN’ AWESOME. He’s wearing a shirt that his great aunt Peggy made for his mama when she was little. Farley’s now the age Coop was when we had him. There’s part of me that doesn’t want my life with little kids like this one to end, but he’s going to get bigger, and we’re not going to have more. There’s a bigger part of me that knows we have enough, and remembers how tough new babies (and the preceding months) are. I’m grateful I have this little kid for now though, and I’ll be grateful to see him get bigger, too.

I’m grateful for Coop, who was in quarantine today after a stomach bug the day before. We repaired a remote control car that had broken this morning, and he got it in his head that he’d like to attach a camera to it. I saw him putting it on with a rubber band, and I came close to taking over his project with big ideas of getting out tools and bolting stuff on to make it fantastic, but decided it would be better to let him experiment, fail with the rubber band, and try again.

I’m grateful for whatever sage parenting wisdom that someone imparted to me in years gone by that prevented me from sticking my nose in it though, especially because it didn’t fail. Not at all. He stuck it on there with two skillfully placed rubber bands, and it worked great, his project from start to end.The video he captured looked like the Mars rover had successfully landed in our hallway and was exploring strange new living rooms populated with red-headed lifeforms wearing glasses that followed it around holding small black boxes with radio antennae. Perhaps I’ll post some of that video at some other point, when it’s not after my bedtime.


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