I am grateful for a relatively angst free life these days. I have been guilty of too much angst in the past. These days, not so much. Want to know something angsty people don’t have? Daily blog posts about gratitude, that’s what.

I  grateful for enough time to think about normal maintenance things like cleaning carpets and vacuuming out the car. As the renovation comes to a close, it’s no longer consuming as much attention.

I  grateful for Coop’s present to me from Christmas, a scale model of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It was nice to have some time to build it with him today too. I remember visiting it with my grandparents in 1986; it was the best thing about Paris; except maybe that there was MTV available in the hotel room*.

I am grateful for some nap time with Farley and BBC’s “Walking With Dinosaurs” series on Netflix.

– – –

* I write this with sarcasm, although at the time I felt it was true. I was 14, and lacked much of the self awareness and perspective I am grateful for today. God bless my grandparents for taking me on that trip, I don’t think I was the easiest travel companion at the time.

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