Gratitude – Gord and Elizabeth

I am grateful for a visit today from friends Gord and Elizabeth. We used to see each other fairly regularly in Vancouver; these days, those occasions are fewer and far between. It was nice to catch up, play some guitar, and expose them to the ongoing cacophony that is the life in our household these days.

I am grateful for a computer, an actual non-laptop computer, that we’ve finally set up as such here at home. Usually I thumb these entries in on my phone. It is sublime to type right now with my 1990s vintage clackity keyboard. Added bonus: family photo slideshow screensaver in the living room.

I am grateful for the Jaquie Lawson digital advent calendar my grandmother sent to our family this year. I have to admit, when I first got the link, I thought it was likely spam, or some scam that my poor old grandma had fallen victim to. NOT SO! This little app has entertained my kids every day, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a few hours, since we got it. It’s all pretty basic, nice little animations and the occasional puzzle or “decorate the Christmas Tree” type game, but it’s nicely executed, entirely okay (for this parent at least) to let the kids play with on their own, and at $4, very reasonably priced. For the record, I’m not getting paid or rewarded in any way for writing this; I’m just genuinely impressed with that thing.

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