I am grateful for the opportunity to catch a flick tonight. I saw Ex Machina. It wasn’t entirely what I expected it would be, and I liked it.

I am grateful for a full day at the office today. Always a nice feeling when you get some cuss done.

I am grateful for the word, cuss. It sounds more like a swear than the swears that it isn’t. So I can say “Cussing clustercuss of mothercussing cusssuckers” on this blog, which I know for a fact my grandmother will read. It sounds worse than the real thing, but is still entirely appropriate for polite company.

On that note, I am also grateful for the TV edit of Die Hard, which brought us the overdubbed “Melon Farmer” so we wouldn’t have to hear the word “Motherfff”… well, you know. That, right there, is a fine insult. No offence intended, if you are actually someone who grows melons. If you are, just tell me to forget myself and we’ll call it even.

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