I am grateful for the Beaveree today. There were canoe rides, special telescopes to look at the sun with, skulls and teeth of various animals to pick up and explore from wooly mammoths to seagulls to whales to pythons. There were games, and hot dogs, and bannock roasted on sticks over a fire. In the end, there were two boys asleep in the car on the mid-afternoon drive home from Sooke. It was a great day.

I  am grateful for Farley’s love of bugs. He was particularly pleased with a caterpillar he kept for a few hours today that he named Myogurt. “I love him!” He declared. Myogurt thankfully escaped when Farl fell asleep at the end of Beaveree. I suspect and hope Myogurt is recounting his adventures with Farley today to his caterpillary friends as I write this.

My folks came to visit for a few days starting today. I am grateful for a dinner in the backyard with those guys tonight, and my boys topping off a great day at the Beaveree with a great evening with their grandparents. I like having them around, too.

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