I am grateful for a fantastic deal on shoes. It’s not every day a guy with size 14 feet finds shoes that fit in the discount bin, but I did today, and they are RED.

I am grateful to live near Summit Park. It’s beautiful there. Usually when I am up there it’s to bring kids, but today I just felt like a break and thought I’d go for a wander. I was delighted to find it only took 17 minutes, and it cleared my head right up. I might have to make a habit of that little walk.

I am grateful for Coop’s sweet potato and dried Apple rendition of the Falcon (from the avengers). I am also grateful for Farley, who needs to get in on the action when someone is taking photos.

I am grateful for kid free time and uninterrupted conversation with my lovely spouse over sushi tonight.

I am grateful for a visit with a very pregnant friend at the hospital. It’s an intense, important, nauseating, joyful, difficult, exciting, happy and worrisome time when babies are about to be born. I feel honoured to be around any part of it.

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