I am grateful for the humour that autocorrect gives us at times, like just now when I wrote the title for this blog post as “gratitude”, but it figured I must mean “destitute”. 

I am grateful for beaveree. All 4 of us went. Highlights included maple syrup taffy made by pouring boiled syrup on snow, then rolled up with Popsicle sticks, canoeing, and spraying a real firehose from a real firetruck with real firefighters.

I am grateful for all the other leaders and beaver parents. They are all good and interesting people, and many show up at any given event. Today we had 7 adults for our 9 kids.

I am grateful that one of my fellow leaders is a paediatrician, who attended to Farley after a very unfortunate, abrupt, and hard encounter between his head and a rock. Not a moment to be grateful for, that, but the peace of mind knowing that a doctor who specializes in kids had taken a look absolutely was.

I am grateful for as spectacular performance by my sister outlaw’s choir. Know what’s amazing? Seeing dozens and dozens of very talented singers (I’d guess at least 60) singing a in one of this town’s biggest oldest churches, without amplification. It was sublime. I was transported. If you are in Vancouver, buy a ticket to the show on June 5 RIGHT NOW.

And I am grateful for some time in a hot tub. After all that Julie and I went to one of the other beaver leader’s homes, and we sat and soaked and decompressed in their hot tub, and kvetched about all things parenting. Nice way to end the day.

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