I am grateful for my big kid, Coop. I took him to the dentist today, and like I usually do, I got up to follow him when they called his name so I could sit with him while they worked on his teeth. “It’s okay, Dad,” he said. “You can wait in the waiting room.” 

So I did. Contemplating how he didn’t need me the same way he used to; how big he’s getting: how proud I am of this guy; how sad I am to say goodbye to the little guy he was; how great and fun it is to meet the new guy that shows up in his place. I find the biggest parenting moments sneak up on me when I least expect them. I’m grateful for this one that came today.

I am grateful for a buddy of Farley’s that we had over for a while this evening. He and Farl are terrific goofballs together.

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