I am grateful for a productive getting-crap-done-around-the-house day.

And speaking of crap, I am grateful for the crap hauling capacity my minivan provided on a trip to the dump.

I am grateful for Coop’s family fun night. We were out for dinner, then for a swim.

I am grateful for glasses Coop, who  made an appearance today after a brief hiatus. His glasses broke; and he didn’t have any for a while. Now he has them again, and he’s back to looking like the kid I was used to after he got glasses about a year ago.

I am grateful for Farley, who would float, face up, with his life jacket on in the pool, and would close his eyes and pause smile for a bit. He’d then continue to swim for a while. He did this again and again, and then he told me he was pretending he was on a boat, and it was just for sleeping in, and there were sharks in the water but his sleeping boat protects him from the sharks.

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