I am grateful for my folks, who took all their grandkids to the park  while I snuck away to have lunch with an old friend.

I am grateful for a visit with my aunt Patti and uncle Bill. We went through a bunch of old photos that belonged to my grandmother, and Coop got some basketball coaching, and Farley did some time trial running in the backyard. Bill and Patti are the friendliest, jockiest jocks I know, and they always show my kids (and me!) a great time.

I am grateful for the sound of the vocalized inhale on Farley’s laugh, when he does things like try on grandma’s glasses.

I am grateful for the beef tenderloin dinner my folks put on tonight. Holy cuss, they do that up right.

I am grateful for an opportunity to help my sister in law out with some web stuff. She and my brother are really good to me and my family, what with the free physiotherapy and flooring labour; it’s nice to be able to return a favour.

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