I am grateful for my Father, and his father. I learned how to be a dad from my dad; he, in turn, followed my Grandad’s example. He added a bit and left some on the cutting room floor, as I do, too, but it’s nice to think of this sequence of fatherdom, and it’s a privilege to carry it forward; I have two sons who may be fathers themselves someday, after all.

I am grateful for my sons, they gave me some great Father’s Day loot (a painted mug already broken and glued back together, and cards they made at school). They play a pivotal role in this whole fatherhood thing for me.

I am grateful for my spouse. She also plays a pivotal role in this whole fatherhood thing, and is largely responsible for the mug.

I am grateful for a night away with said spouse, and for my in laws who made that possible. It was great to get away, and great to get home, too.

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