I am grateful for my Mom. She had a birthday today.

I am grateful for the convenience of air travel. 

My father, brother, and I cooked up a crazy idea to surprise her with dinner at her favourite restaurant with the four of us. It’s not often it’s just the four of us, my brother and I each have our own families and it’s usually a commotion, which is always fun, but a commotion nonetheless.

This afternoon I got on an airplane and flew to Calgary, my brother picked me up and we went to the restaurant where my mom thought she was going to have dinner with just my dad. There we were, and we had a great time, and after dinner I got on an airplane to fly to Victoria, and now I’m in a cab on my way home.

What a way to spend the day! It was great to be there with my family of origin and to honour my Mom. She’s a heckuva lady. She’s been a constant in my life. She loves us all, fiercely, and I love my mom, too. I think she had a great night.

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