i am grateful for another Canada Day. We can watch the fireworks from our house, and a lot of the neighbourhood often sits on out front lawn to watch them. I love that. And we usually have a bunch of folks over for a casual get together, and it’s fun.

And I am grateful for that bunch of folks we have over, because they are all great people, and I like having them in my life, and the lives of my boys.

And this is Canada day. And Canada isn’t perfect, there’s a lot that’s happened in Canadian history that no-one should be proud of. But right here, right now, today, I think we’re a good bunch of people*. I know that I’ve personally got it pretty good. I love this country, and I feel lucky to have been born here.

* This implies I am satisfied with our current federal government. For the record, I am not. I do believe, however, Canadians are a good bunch of people.

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