I am grateful for a chance to show a painting and talk about it with Cooper’s grade 2-3 class. I brought in a painting I did of trees in Summit Park, and then I joined them on a walk to the same place, where they did drawings of trees for a bit, before running around, playing tag, climbing trees, and whacking rocks with sticks, and sticks with rocks, like kids really should.

I am grateful for Family Fun Night. Farley’s pick: I made pizza, and then we went to Mr. Tubbs for ice cream and wanton gambling on games of chance (like whack-a-mole), where we won tickets to exchange for crappy plastic toys. The honest truth is that neither Julie or I are big fans of Mr. Tubbs, but for one thing – it makes are kids so dang happy. I mean, they are really cussing happy to be there, and it’s good that it is easy to get caught up in that.

I am grateful for some small successes on the painting biz front.

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