I am grateful for some time in the studio today. First in a while!

I am grateful for family fun night: Julie’s pick. We went to the museum, where there is an exhibit about families that features, I cuss you not, giant photos of my family by the very talented Hélene Cyr. It is a very cool exhibit, and I’m not just saying that because my nearest and dearest are in it, but at least partially, I am.

I am also grateful for an exhibit about Terry Fox. It was emotionally charged for me. I remember when it happened; how inspiring it was when I was a kid to see this young man do so much for his cause, how tragic it was when his cancer came back. It was a tough time for our whole country, and his legacy has inspired so many since then. The van he travelled with was there, as was clothing and shoes he wore, and his prosthetic leg. It was good to see amd ponder it all, and to  remember.

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