I am grateful for some time with Farley and his daycare crew this morning. I met up with them at Beacon Hill Park, then had lunch with them at the Beacon Hill Drive-In across the street. I’ll miss seeing that crew on a near daily basis; Farl will be in kindergarten in a few short weeks. It was good to soak it up today.

I am grateful for Coop. That kid is a trooper.

I am grateful for date night. I wanted to go check out Sandcut Beach, and Julie was game. We picked up some take-out and brought it with us. No-one else was there but one harbour seal that poked it’s head up to watch us for a minute before sinking back down and coming back up somewhere else. We had the whole beach to ourselves. We heard the sound of the waves pulling the rocks back into the water from the beach and the water in the falls, We smelled the salt and cedars in the air. We gazed at the voluminous light in the hazy skies that resulted from the wildfires on the mainland.  It was an evening for all of the senses.

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