First and foremost, I am grateful that Coop's surgery went well today, and he's fine, and as the drugs wore off this afternoon he became more and more his old Coopery self.

I am grateful for the team at VGH that pulled it all off so well. Hard to believe this is just another day for those folks.

I am grateful for my country's single payer healthcare system. It's tough having your kid need surgery. I'm really glad that how much we make, or what kind of plan we have, or how much it would cost didn't play into any decision making or added stress around this experience. Cooper needed what he needed, and he got it. That's because because here, our society recognizes that everyone deserves and should receive excellent healthcare whenever it is necessary.

I am grateful for Coop. He was nervous. He accepted our support, and he handled it all like the champ that he is. I'm so dang proud of that kid.

I am grateful for friends that are having Farley over for a sleepover with their kids tonight, so we can dote on Coop, let him sleep in the bottom bunk, and try to keep him as comfy as we can right now. We asked, and they stepped up right away without hesitation. That kind of generosity and friendship humbles me.

I am grateful for digital movies on demand from the internet. We'll likely be big customers over the next week.

I am grateful for Julie. Times like these help me know how important our relationship is for me.

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